Quality - ISO


    IRIS J.S.C. uses for each service provided a Quality Management System based on ΕΝ ISO 9001:2008 Specifications, certified by the Hellenic Body for Standardisation(ELOT). The company's scientific departments certified by ELOT are SURVEYING ENGINEERING, CADASTRE, HIGHWAY DESIGN, PHOTOGRAMMETRY AND CARTOGRAPHY.

   IRIS JSC board of directors will apply a High Quality Administration System by creating a Quality Management System, based on Standard ΕΝ ΙSO 9001:2008 and by setting objective quality targets

Therefore, Supply, Production and Projects/Sales/Conracts and Administrative (Finance / Personnel / Training), Departments must be suitably organized to avoid any deficiencies (errors) both inside the Company (during services provision and operation) and in the cooperation with Clients (state departments and agencies private companies, individuals).

Quality Management System is based on two main issues :

  1. The need to achieve and maintain the desirable Quality with minimal cost. To fulfill this target, a planned and effective use of all material and human resources available is required, along with the obtainment of these resources. Therefore, the Company commits to apply the designed Quality Management system, both in projects for which it has the sole responsibility and when cooperating with other companies .
  2. The need to fully satisfy clients demands (recorded in contracts and according to legal and prescriptive demands) so as to earn their trust, in terms of the company's abilities to provide the desirable and agreed quality.

The Board of Directors has the responsibility to apply the designed procedures and to lead the personnel in contributing to the effort of achieving a high quality level.

For the needs of constant improvement and system effectiveness control, the Directors, in cooperation with personnel, establish objective quality targets, revised regularly and systematically.

J. Presvelos is the Company's Quality Manager and he will provided all services required during the quality system design and implementation procedure, ensuring the effective implementation and taking into consideration all suggestions for the service provision improvement.

IRIS JSC with:

  • the adequate scientific expertise and vast experience of all executive members
  • the implementation of modern organization methods
  • the computerization of all procedures, following recent technical developments
  • the ability to constantly inform and train the personnel on recent technical developments
  • the respect of the Geodesy Science and of all National and European laws ensurence high quality of services provided with stability, no errors and within timeframe.