Presvelos John



(NTUA 2001)


1983-91: Liberal processional consulting Engineer in Road construction and Surveying projects.

1991-today: Associate of IRIS Company, which has the same framework of Technical activities. In 2007, the company changed name to "A. & I.PRESVELOS & Co" J.S.C. Discreet Title "IRIS" J.S.C. CONSULTING ENGINEERS.


1993-2008 : Vice-president and Secretary General of HARSE (HELLENIC ASSOCIATION OF RURAL AND SURVEYING ENGINEERS).

2001: He attended the Auditor/Lead Auditor course by Lloyd΄s REGISTER QUALITY ASSURANCE (IRCA REGISTERED COURSE No: A7596).

2003: He attended theSeminar of ELOT on the subject: “Analysis of requirements of Model ELOT EN ISO 9001:2000 and Internal Inspections”.

01/2005-today: Member of Technical Council of TRAM A.E. (Αssistant Representative of TCG).

2005-2008: Member of Permanent Committee of TCG for subjects of Standardisation, Certification and Quality Management.

2005-2008: Member of Special Scientific Committee of TCG for Rural and Surveying Engineers of “professional subjects and education”.

2005-today: Member of a TCG committee for the access of Professional Engineers in the study categories of the 3316/05 law.

11/2005-3/2006: Representative of TCG on a Ministry of Education scientific committee for the support of Council of Higher Education.

2006: Member of a Team work for the reformation and the upgrade of the Engineer Professional License examinations.

2007-today:Representative of PSDATM on CLGE (Comité de Liaison des Géomètres Européens - The Council of European Geodetic Surveyors).

2007-today: Member of the Central Examining Committee of Certification of Professional Training of the Professional Training and Education Organism of Ministry of Education (Representative of TCG).

2008: President of HARSE.

10/2008-today:Representative of TCG on the Ascertainments of Prices of Public Work Committee ([EDTDE]) of the Ministry of Transport and Communication. (Αssistant Representative of TCG).


  • Since January 2003, he is a cooperator of ELOT as a trainee inspector of Certified Quality Systems.
  • Member of the Committee responsible for the determination of Estate’s code numbers in the National Cadastre.
  • He has participated in Conferences, Workshops, seminars and other kinds of Meetings organised by National and International Organisations such as: TCG, ARSNG, HARSE, HELLASCO, HPA, ICOMOS, CLGE, EGoS etc.