Cadastral Survey


In the last few decades with the ongoing Cadastre Surveys for the development of the Hellenic Cadstre, the importance of Survey Maps has been greatly underestmated, despite the fact that the State, through Hellenic Cadaste, certifies property boundaries.

According to Hellenic Cadstre development specifications, the submission of a survey map is mandatory when submitting property deeds. However, this requirement has not been satisfied in the 2008 declaration submission periods.

Previous cadastral survey experience indicates that if no survey maps are submitted and unless the owner personally indicates property boundaries, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to accurately define property boundaries, especially when the latter are not built.

Under these circumstances, it is therefore unavoidable that Hellenic Cadastre Surveys will be completed and initial registrations will be accomplished, without having accurately defined property boundaries.

When the owner, for any reason (e.g. sale or exploitation of a property), discovers the error, a correction procedure will be triggered. This procedure duration will vary from six months to some years and will require the participation of Lawyers and Surveyors, adjacent owners will have to be informed etc.

It is therefore suggested that:

1) If a survey map is available, it should mandatorily be submitted when the property declaration is submitted.

2) If a survey map is available, boundaries shoud be indicated by owners on cadastral maps.

3) If there are doubts over the boundaries, a Surveying Engineer should be assigned with the accurate determination of property boundaries.

4) If after all the aforementioned procedures, the determination of propert boundaries cannot be accomplished, then a property survey map must be made during cadastra surveys.

The property boundaries and area recorded in the Hellenic Cadastre database, are only related to the Cadastral Survey procedure (surveys are accomplished based on specifications that define measurement accuracies) and are not incumbent upon other State Offices, like the City Planning Offices, as neither Law 651/1977 nor any other pro-existing law has been abolished.

Property transactions will continue to be accomplished according to current legislation, using the area stated on the deed.

However, the area recorded in the Hellenic Cadastre database must be "compatible" with the area of existing survey maps, with the latter being used for all kinds of transactions. This compatibility refers to both the allowed spatial differences in area and the boundary linear deifferences between the different maps.