Cadastral Survey


For the right completion of the Cadastral Survey process, the participation of the owners is required. The property owners must make the following arrangements:

A) They must submit land property declarations to the Hellenic Cadastre during the ofiicially defined submission periods in regions that have been declared under Cadastral Survey. A mass media campaign informing citizens of the Cadastral Survey procedure always precedes the declerations submissions period. Up to date information can be obtained in the website of the responsible company CADASTRE SA,


The owners must also submit:

a)  Simple photocopies of the deeds that substantiate their property rights (e.g. contracts).
b)  The original fixed cadastral survey fee payment voucher.

Moreover the property boundaries must be defined either directly or by submission of relative evidence (e.g. survey maps).

The submission of survey map is not mandatory, though it ensures that property boundaries can be defined accurately.

It is possible to submit overdue declarations or applications for correction or submission of additional information after the end of the declarations submission period.

The owner may also be invited to the Cadastral Office or directly to his property to indicated its boundaries.

B) After processing all data collected during the declarations submission period and defining land parcel boundaries, the Cadastral offices invite citizens to examine the temporary cadastral information (tables and maps) for a period of two months. Informative abstracts are also sent to the owners. Anyone with a legal interest can examine the temporary cadastral information and in case of a disagreement, an objection can be lodged to an independent administrative board.

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